Best toilet repair kit – complete guide to maintain your toilets – 2021


A best toilet repair kit is the ultimate device to keep your bathroom efficient. You may have a proper toilet, but the repair kit will work as your toilet’s assistant. We know the bathroom is the most used part of our house. So, it needs proper maintenance with an appropriate repair kit.  

It will always ensure if your toilet is working properly. And whether the bathroom has caused any problems. So that you can select the right kit at the right time, otherwise, you may face significant challenges, which can disrupt the various plumbing functions of the house. 

But do you know which repair kit will be the exact choice? In this case, we can help you to pick up the best toilet repair kit. Stay with this content to learn more. 


Top six best toilet repair kit

There are many well-known anonymous brands in the market which are producing best toilet repair kits. During so many things, you may be a little disappointed when choosing a product. That’s why we have made this list with some best repair kits. These are staying on the market with a reputation for several years. If you want, you can check it from the official website of the brand.

Plumbcraft 7029000 Toilet Repair Kits

It is an attractive repair kit package with complete instruments. Most importantly, this kit is suitable for almost all toilet. Besides, in this package, there have all essential repair component may require for a toilet. So, you can pick it for universal uses. 

 It comes with fill valves, flush valves, flush lever and washers. In this package, you will get more a water-saving caps, gasket and toilet flapper. And every kit is efficient to upgrade your toilet. The water-saving caps arrive with seven hue’s coded flow mechanism. Which can save up to 40% water? 

Luckily, this repair kit package offers you highly corrosion-resistant components. Likewise, the installation process of these kit is easier—the weight of the full package of 1.4 pounds with white and black color components. 

We recommend this efficient kit for those who love to get all repair kit within one package. 

The Key Features:

  • It comes with water-saving power of 40% water saving adjustability
  • A universal toilet repair kit with durable components
  • Extremely, corrosion-resistant mechanism
  • Adjustable for 8″ to 13″ toilet 
  • Having easy installation for any toilet


  • Waterflow adjustable with seven color coded
  • Limited price discount
  • Corrosion-resistant features


  • Many said they got the leak fill valve

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Kohler 84499 1B1X Conversion Kit

Kohler 84499 1B1X kit specially designed for the previous one-piece Kohler toilet. Its popularity is very notable as a best-selling repair kit for over after years. Besides, it is reliable because of the reputed manufacturer brand Kohler. To increase the durability, high-quality materials used into this best toilet repair kit parts. 

 It also has a fill valve, gasket and flush valve to repair the toilet. At the same time, you will get enough bolts to fix the toilet. Likewise, this kit package provides a toilet flapper and all needed components for the toilet tank. Most notably, this kit is made in the USA. 

The overall measurement is 14 x 5.75 x 5.75 inches. Similarly, the combined weight of all components is 2. 2.22 pounds. Its construction material is durable brass for prolonged activity. 

Kohler conversion kit is the best choice for all kinds of maintenance of the Kohler toilet tank. You can use this kit specifically for the Kohler tank. 

The Key Features:

  • A highly developed tank repair kit package for Kohler
  • It comes with maximum required components to repair a toilet tank
  • Having a reputation for made in the USA
  • The extreme level of quality construction material


  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Very efficient for Kohler toilet tank repair
  • Best suitable for a one-piece toilet


  • The price is comparatively more. 

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Fluidmaster 400AKRP10 all in one repair kit

Fluidmaster 400AKRP10 is the ever-best toilet repair kit. Because it has arrived with additional amenities. The manufacturing brand is world best toilet repair kit producer Fluidmaster. This brand withstands with popularity since 1957. The biggest thing, you will get all in one facility in this kit, including more straightforward installation. 

Each of the features of this kit is indeed worthy of giving you a new like a toilet. First of all, notice on the 400A fill valve which can easily adjust with 9″ to 14″ bathroom. However, keep in mind that it will perfectly fit with 2″ flush valve toilet. Likewise, there has an efficient adjustable flapper of 2″ size. When you will compare korky vs fluidmaster toilet repair kit, fluidmaster will always win.

Moreover, do note that this repair kit works best with 1. 6 and 3.5 GPF flush. Besides, it has a regular component like a gasket, bolts and tank lever. Hence, the weight is mild of 8 ounces, where the complete measurement is 4.3 x 7.4 x 13.9 inches. 

If you want to pick up the most reliable and trusted repair kit, then we would suggest this kit first.

The Key Features:

  • Most popular toilet repair kit is contributing up to 90 countries in the world
  • It comes with a maximum 5-year warranty which is a rare offer in another brand
  • Comes with the easier installation even within a short time
  • Extended last maintenance guaranty within a small budget
  • It works to enhance the overall toilet performance


  • Combined material of plastic and rubber
  • Up to five-year warranty
  • All in one benefit
  • Water-Saving flapper


  • It is often getting unavailable due to over demand

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Korky 4010PK Universal Complete Toilet Repair

Korky universal for those who are looking for the best repair kit within less budget. It comes as a quick remedy for running and noisy toilet. As well as, it works to reduce the stuck float and slow filling toilet. So, you can keep safe your toilet from the bacteria, chlorine and rust. You can depend on this USA based kit for highly technological development. 

Come to the main point of what this kit is offering in this korky toilet repair kit reviews. Firstly, focus on the fill valve that is so efficient and noise-free. At the same time, this fill valve designed to adjust with all brand of toilet. Hence, it has included with metal refill valve, gasket, and hardware flush valve.

Most importantly, this repair kit is the best match with both new and older toilet. The weight is significantly less. And the size is 10.25×6.375×3.5 inches. 

The Key Features:

  • An efficient and accessible toilet repair kit with a wide range of adjustability
  • Included durable components to prevent the rust and corrosion
  • Best fitted with the older model and newest model toilet


  • No needs any hack Shaw to install
  • Including hardware 
  • Silent and noise-free fill valve
  • Proper instructions guide 


  • The installation method seems hard for fewer customer

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Universal Toilet Fill Valve Kit

Are you looking for a repair kit for fill valve with the shortest time; and also demand for the tool’s free installation. Then universal toilet fill valve is first preference to get multiple conveniences. It comes from the rapid, growing Hibbent brand. You can take this high-performance replacement part for any toilet tank. 

It has an extreme level of reputation to make your toilet noise-free. Similarly, this valve can fix the cracking problem and improve the slow and no filling problem. Fortunately, this replacement kit can adjust with the most developed toilet like American standard, Toto and Kohler.

Hence, this repair kit valve can fit with the 7.8″ to 13 inches. Moreover, it ensures maximum water-saving benefits and high performance. The installation is the most straightforward. You just have to remove the plastic seal from the fill valve body. Overall dimension is of 9.9 x 3.7 x 2.8 inches, and the weight is 7.2 ounces. 

If you want to get a universal toilet replacement kit for using certainly several years, we would say to think about this comprehensive toilet kit. 

The Key Features:

  • A replacement kit comes for almost all toilet tank repair
  • It ensures excellent performance and provides a germ and bacteria water flow
  • Tools free installation make it impressive to the user
  • It performs best for preventing the rust and increase the power


  • Non water return mechanism
  • Easiest installation method
  • Adjustable with highly efficient toilet tank
  • Affordable price


  • Some customer feels the problem with slower filling

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NEXT BY DANCO All-in-One Toilet Installation Kit 

The lowest budget repair kit in our list is DANCO, comes with a perfect seal with a hidden wax ring. Although the price is minimal, the quality is acceptable to most users. In many cases, user having fall into the broken or faulty seal. Which can disrupt the water flow even can cause the biggest problem. 

DANCO arrives with the most robust wax ring that you can install easily with zero cut bolts. Besides, it has no specific height for adjusting. So, you can change it with any toilet. Due to the rubber gasket, you have got a secure installation without mess and hassle. 

 Hence, the flange can be fitted with1-1/2 inches for the floor below and 1//2 inches in the above the level. Remember this kit has the repositioning system. Luckily, you have not cut the bolts for mounting the toilet. Because this toilet offers you zero cut bolts. 

Also, good to know this repair kit comes with a construction guide, bolt caps, and sliding adapters. Although the weight is 10.4 ounce which is little more than another package but still works excellent. The product dimension is 1.61 x 1.61 x 2.5 inches and color blue. 

 The Key Features:

  • A perfect seal to mount the toilet with a hidden wax ring
  • It comes with a wax less ring and zero cut bolts for easy mounting
  • Having more 3x powerful seal, hassle-free installation
  • Adjustable almost with all toilets


  • One-year warranty
  • In-depth construction guide


  • A fewer customer compliant about the mounting on the floor flange

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The buying guides

Whether you have a high-quality toilet or less budget toilet, a right repair kit is essential for toilet care. That’s why you need to focus on some crucial topics before buying a repair kit for your toilet. We figure out some specific magical tips for you. By following these, you can choose the perfect package. 

Toilet size:

Primarily it refers to the intake hole size of the toilet. The standard size is 2″ for adjusting with any repair kit. But it may vary depends on several brand toilet. The most significant important thing, almost all of the bathroom comes with a standard intake hole. So, you can take a repair kit from the ideal size. We recommend to check out the intake hole before buying a package. So, you have not invested in the wrong way. 

Flapper and Fill Valve:

Good to know first that there has found a specific kit for repairing the toilet flapper and fill valve. However, you will get some repair kit package for both flapper and fill valve. You have to figure out the toilet problem and decide what kit you need to buy. 

Flush Capacity:

We think to know the flushing power is most considering thing. Because the older toilet needed 3.5 GPF water where the new bathroom needs only 1.28 or 1.6 GPF water. So, you have to choose the repair kit which comes with best toilet flush valve and suitable for the flushing power. 


Generally, the toilet repair kit is getting within 10 dollars to 200 dollars. It depends on the several parts into it. Besides, many kit prices will less or more depend on the brand. 


We strongly recommend to check out the warranty. Because it will ensure a quality repair kit for your toilet. Try to choose a repair kit within at least a one-year warranty. 


Can I use any toilet repair kit to fix my toilet?

No, you can’t do it because your toilet may fall into several problems. And each fixation will be individual from each other. So, first of all, you have to figure out the problem then buy a proper kit for fixation.

Can I reduce the noise of my toilet with a toilet repair kit?

Yes definitely. Almost all of the toilet is getting noise free after repair the kits. But keep in mind to buy efficient equipment which can reduce the noise.

Final Word:

Hopefully, you are now able to buy a toilet repair kit for your toilet or tank. All of the above equipment mentioned above is well known to the user based on their quality and efficiency. For better result, you can follow the buying guide. If you want to add something new without ideation, then let us know.