Best toilet fill valve – Review and Buying Guide in 2021


Toilet fills valves, though important devices are often underestimated. They tend to malfunction once in a while, and the majority of the people find it easy to buy cheaper options in the market since they are easy and fast to install. However, my advice for you is that when it comes to valves, you need not settle for less. This is not easy as it is hard to find best matches that are durable since the market is flooded with different brands. But why are toilet fill valves necessary? We will talk about the toilet fill valve in detail here and try to choose which is the best toilet fill valve in the market.


Comparison table of Best Toilet Fill Valves

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Why Do You Need the Best Fill Valve for a Toilet?


Always ensure that you go for the best toilet fill valve when purchasing. This ensures that you avoid issues such as noise that comes during refilling, constant refilling and the valve failing to register the level of the water. Here is a list of the benefits of possessing the best valve:

The Size: The design feature of the valve aids in its durability with its size and adjustable height something to boost about. Consider this, even a t its lowest height, you can still adjust it to longer heights depending on your needs. It is also able to fit in compact cisterns because its float is small enough.

Reduced Noise: The tank fills without any noise because the fill valves are the ones that allow the water to get into the tank from the lower side.

Appealing Features: Some of its features aid in durability while ensuring that water and flush time is saved.

Economically and ecologically friendly: this is made possible in the sense that water is not wasted until you flush. Reason? A quality valve has a delay fill feature which allows the cistern to be refilled only after a flush.

Features to Consider Before Buying a Toilet Fill Valve

To get the best value for your money and more importantly your need, it is advisable to carefully consider some factors and features. Doesn’t matter whether the toilet valve is for low pressure or high pressure model, these features are what I believe to be the best guide;

Ease of Installation

This factor majorly depends on you. A number of fill valves are easy to install although this is determined with how good you are with your hands. I find it important that during installation, fitting of different brands should be more or less the same. For this, Toto universal fill valve an example should be stress-free to fit in a Kohler toilet just as would be in a Toto toilet.

Installation of a valve is considerably simple. Most of them come with a do it yourself manual that guides you through the installation. Key among the things to do during fitting are setting the required height, fixing the valve in the tank, flush test and lastly make the required adjustments.

One or Two-Button Valves:

Capacity remains the same whether you are choosing a one-button valve or a two-button valve. I find the two-buttons model not a top priority for most modern houses. However, they best suit cabins and RVs and other cases where the supply of water is limited. Always opt for the option as this saves on water.


I know shopping for a toilet valve can be very annoying. This is because toilets come in a variety of sizes and shapes. For others this may be a simple task because you can walk into your local store with a sample of the piece you want to replace and match it up with a new piece and voila, problem solved.

For you doing an online purchase, l highly recommend that you go for a valve that is adjustable. This not only offers you a better deal but also cushions you from any eventualities after the purchase.

Price and Quality

A common mistake that most consumers do is going for pricing over quality. Kindly note that just because a valve is expensive does not necessarily mean that it is a good one, no. The vice versa is also not true. Don’t shop on pricing, consider the features as your main guide.

Quality is key. Always consider buying from a renowned brand, product that has a warranty and quality reviews left by consumers. Materials used should be either chrome, plastic or brass since they are very strong and highly durable. There are others that come in silicon, kindly avoid them at all cost.

Avoid Metal Parts

With the knowledge that a bigger chunk of the valve intermingles with water, corrosion is more likely to happen to the metal parts if used. Choose a valve that has very few if any metal parts on it.


While as a majority of modern valves are universal it is also important to note that other different models come in different shapes and sizes. Ensure that you get the right description and dimensions that match your toilet model before any purchase. Also, check that you purchase a valve that is singular or dual flush.

Low Water Inlet Holes

This feature allows you to save on water when flushing because the water inlet hole has to be low on them for it to work properly.

Noise Insulator

Well, no one wants that noise that comes from the washrooms. In order to promote privacy and comfort, valves are nowadays designed with sound insulation to help minimize the noise. A toilet that flushes with noise, most probably has worn out valves.

Low-Pressure Inlet Holes

An inlet hole is punctured on the lower or the top side of the tank to allow water into the toilet tank via a tube. In short, low inlet holes are more economical than the ones on the higher side of the toilet tank.

Refill Rate

This is the time that a toilet tank takes to fill up after a flush. How important is this? Well, the rate at which the tank refills determines when next you can use the toilet. This feature should be taken into consideration especially if the toilet has many users.

Adjustable Height

When looking for the right fit, it is advisable that you measure the height of your toilet. While as modern valves come with an easy to adjust height, kindly ensure that you check on the height adjustments on the description.

Durability and Warranty

Most of these valves come in good material, therefore, as long as the fill valve is well maintained then it will serve you well. A warranty shows the confidence a seller has on their product. A majority of them range from at least one year to eternity. Logically speaking the most a warranty is offered is five years.

Lastly, you may want to check on a model that has water intake adjustability caps or features a roller clamp. It saves you from having to store up large volumes of water in the water tank after every refill.

10 Best Toilet Fill Valves Reviews

Are you feeling displeased with toilet valves that are leaky and noisy and lead to wastage of water with increased water bills? We have taken some considerable time in reviewing products in the same line. We have also reviewed consumer’s reviews on the same and have come up with solutions to your challenge.

Below is a guide for choosing the best toilet fill valve based on research, consumer reviews, and price-quality ratio.

1. Kohler GP1083167

Kohler is a well renowned brand when it comes to production of plumbing tools. Kohler GP1083167 produces one of the most popular toilet flush due to its unmatched quality in the industry. It is adjustable and compatible with different KOHLER toilets. It can be obtained in a variety of colors and the size of the toilet fill is recommended for most KOHLER toilets.

Furthermore, the best toilet flush valve is manufactured using high quality and durable plastic which is resistant to corrosion over time. All the necessary washer lock nuts and clip come together with the package.

However, their manuals are often unclear and might make installation quite difficult. You can overcome this challenge by hiring a professional plumber to do the installation for you. This unit package contains many components that will help it fit a number of toilet tanks from Kohler and Fluidmaster. It has an extra small inlet that allows for economic use of water. It comes with different flow restrictors enabling it to match different flow requirements of almost all toilet tanks.


Material: Durable plastic

Dimensions: 17 x 5 x 3.5 inches


Has an adjustable height

Its fill valve is adjustable

Has a variety of colors

Long lasting construction

Economical water usage


The instructions are not clear.

No bottom seal.


If you are considering buying a silent valve that decreases the amount of water used per flush, try Kohler GP1083167 model. It has a highly adjustable height, easy to install in high profile toilet models and it is made of durable plastic.

2. Universal Fill Valve by TOTO, Model TSU99A.X

Are you looking for a good toilet valve to solve your leaky toilet problems? Well search no more, TOTO TSU99A. X uses Eco power technology which allows it to generate hydro power on its own. When it comes to controlling water flow in the tank, it is highly effective. Its designs include traditional style, transitional and modern.

Its hydrotech feature is the most luxurious feature of the toilet valve, which stirs dirt pilling in your toilet tank thus enabling to reduce pollution.

The Toto Universal Fill Valve is known for its adjustable flow rate feature. Installing to piece toilets enables you to adjust water flow rate how you want. This make has a good flushing mechanism and matches most standard toilets. It is a universal fill valve making it work for most if not all TOTO toilets


Weighs 9.6 ounces

Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 12 inches


Has self-generating Hydropower mechanism

Height is adjustable

Flow rate also adjustable

Quality and durable plastic material

Reduces leaks

No fabric


Refilling speed fluctuates

Tricky installation process


This isn’t your best versatile valve although we assure you that you can never go wrong with this valve when you fix it with a TOTO toilet system. Kindly note that the valve should only be fitted if you are certain it will perform.

3. Fluidmaster 400AH PerforMAX Universal High Performance

The valve comes at an affordable price saving you money in the long run. This fluid master device is the best valve for you if you are looking for a powerful and universal valve.

Do you have a classic toilet model or an older version? Worry no more since this valve can be used in almost any toilet. Some other notable features are the ease to install given its height is adjustable, it’s an effective and fast refill, and lastly it is a quiet model which without a gives you comfortable privacy in the bathroom. I would like you to kindly note that this is remarkably the best universal toilet valve on the market.


Weight: 11.2 ounces

Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 3.1 x 12.5 x 4.5 inches


It is easy to install

2X greater refill rates than standard fill valve designs

It is not costly

Has a refill system that is better than other standard valves

It’s adjustable height is easy to set

Fits well in dual flush tanks

Best suits High End Technology models


Does not meet the proposition 65 standards with regards to harmful substances.


This is one of the most compatible models available on the market. It works well on High End Technology toilet models. A feature that contributes to its durability is that it does not have any metal parts in it and therefore its warranty period is high.

4. KOHLER Genuine Part GP1138930

This is probably one of the oldest fill valve models with its actuality spanning over 100 years. You will most definitely consider this factor as proof of its durable quality, alluring warranties and hard-wearing materials. Looking for a quiet valve that gives you a quiet atmosphere in your bathroom? This product is noise free.

So, what makes this KOHLER product tick? Consider this, the valve is very easy to use, pocket friendly and very adaptable. The height can be adjusted easily making it very easy to fit in other toilet brands. When purchasing the valve, kindly check the color of the shank. The shank comes in either black or grey. Ensure that you pick a grey colored shank as this model is only compatible with grey ones.


Weight: 8.8 ounces

Dimensions: 4.9 x 16.9 x 3.5 inches


The height is adjustable

Offers great adaptability

Comprises of a high quality material

A product of a highly respected brand


Its price is a bit costly compared to other standard valves


Kohler products are known to be durable and reliable. Another attributing factor that makes it more appealing is its affordable quality compared to its high quality material.

5. Korky-Universal Fill Valve- 528-QuietFill

This is considerably the best fill valve there is as the device comes with a classy technology. What we like most about this valve is its uniqueness and functionality which involves noise reduction, minimal or no leaks, and enhanced refills. This device allows your tank to refill very fast with great silence.

The ease at which this device is installed is also another appealing factor. It takes even the slowest of learners or a beginner very few minutes to fit. The valve is also able to deal with huge volumes of water enabling you to replace the valve without having to remove the tank. Its universal design allows it to fit in other tank models.


Weighs 6 ounces

Dimensions: 4 x 10 x 4 inches


Adjustable height

Refill rate is high

Great silence

Comes with additional equipment like flappers.

Compatible with several models.


A bit expensive compared to other models on its category


This product is the best valve for your TOTO toilet and tank. It is made using quality material while maintaining the set production standards. Notable features include, ease to install, height is highly adjustable and can be adjusted from its normal height of 7 inches and ¾ to 13 inches and a half. A five year warranty is provided.

6. American- Standard Universal Toilet Water Fill Valve- 3174.105-0070A

This device delivers top notch results if quality and performance is anything to go by. The valve comes in a single or three packs. It was made as a universal fill valve to give you comfort in the toilet. The device provides a list of parts that can be replaced at an affordable rate when you are unsure of the parts it can replace. It works best on specific models such as the 4 Flush and American standard champion system. To keep you less worried, the product offers you a one year warranty.


Weighs 9.9 0unces

Dimensions: 14 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches


Highly compatible with various toilet tank models

Height is very adjustable.

Highly durable

Reasonable pricing

Easy to install


The fill valve is a bit heavy with comparison to other models.

Though the pricing is reasonable, it still is slightly more expensive than other models in the same category.


If you are considering purchasing a toilet fill valve that meets all standards then this is the model to go for. Its universal feature allows it to appeal to many consumers.

7. Plumbcraft 7030911

Whether you are looking at installing a new valve or replacing the older one you have this is the model for you. The valve does not interfere with how your flushing system works in fact it actually makes it stronger. It comes with a shut-off feature that automatically shuts off therefore preventing large volumes of water getting into the tank saving you lots of water and money in the long run. How this device works is controlled by the caps that adjust water flow.

You can easily adjust its height from 8 to 13 inches. It is absolutely the best flapper and toilet fill valve.


You can adjust the height

Very durable.

Saves more water per flush compared to other models

It is compatible with any two-piece toilet tanks.


It is not compatible with dual-flush toilet tanks.


This model uses the following technology, anti-siphon, anti-running water shutoffs and toilet float valve. The two features aid in ensuring that water is saved and increasing your drinking water safety. You will save money in the long run.

8. TOTO COMBO KIT – A Universal Fill Valve

A universal device that is best suited for TOTO toilet tanks. It can also be used on other toilet tank models but may disappoint. The following features rank this device among the most popular valves, they are environmentally friendly and can generate its own hydro-power with its Eco-Power feature, height can be adjusted depending on your tank, it also has a high refill rate. It allows you to adjust the flow rate, depending on your needs, if you own a two-piece toilet.


It is also easy to install.

Weight 12.6 ounces


Less expensive

Adjustable height

Compatible with all TOTO toilet tanks

Aids in reducing pollution.

Easy to install

Capable of self-generating hydro-power


It is only shipped to the United States.


If you are looking for a model that will ensure less pollution then this is the device to put more consideration into. Another amazing feature is its ability to generate its own hydro-power.

9. NEXT BY DANCO Water-Saving Toilet Fill Valve Repair Kit HC660

If your source of water provides murky or more or less dirty water, then this is the valve for you. The NEXT BY DANCO device comes with self-cleaning jets installed in it that not only self-cleans the tank, but also detects leaks and also reduces noise. Other features include an automatic water shut off, easy to install without needing any tools and a feature that allows you to adjust water levels. Its ability to save water, saves you money.


Weighs 12ounces

Dimensions 3 x 3.2 x 12.8 inches


Less costly

Environmentally friendly

Has automatic shut-off, leak detection and self-cleaning features

Easy to adjust heights


It does not obey the 65 proposition.


Are you looking for a HET tank refill valve that helps you save on water with its technology then look no further, try NEXT BY DANCO HydroClean Water-Saving Toilet Fill Valve. It has an inbuilt self-cleaning system and an alarm that goes off anytime a leak is detected.

Other notable features are, it is an inexpensive option, and height can be adjusted. And easy to install and can fit in most tanks.

10. TOTO TSU99A.X Adjustable Replacement Fill Valve Assembly for Toilet Tanks

Another one of the TOTO only toilets made valves. It is made to only work on the said model. It is a high performing valve that works well for high pressure toilet tanks. Its refill rate is very high with minimal noise and takes less than a minute after a flush. It is very hygienic as it not only self-cleans but it also provides a hands-off experience as it comes with an eco-power feature.

Its height is adjustable and you can also adjust the flow rate.


Dimensions 4 x 2 x 12 inches

Weighs 9.6 ounces


Adjustable heights

Generates its own hydro-power

This model is universal unit for any TOTO toilet tank

Easily adjust water flow rate for the two-piece toilet.



Average quality

It is not durable.


It is not a valve that can be used with other toilet tank models because it is specifically made for TOTO toilet tanks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Durable Is a Fill Valve?

This depends on how well you maintain it. A well maintained valve can last up to five years or more. For this reason always ensure that it remains in the right condition.

How Can I Fix a Valve After a Malfunction?

Worry not. A majority come with manuals that contain repair guides, follow the instructions keenly. Besides, the internet is a hub full of tutorials that can help you in that. If none of this is workable then consider seeking the guidance or services of a professional. Any of the above options are workable.

How Do I Clean the Toilet Fill Valve?

First and foremost, switch off the water source. Secondly, empty all the water in the water tank by flushing it. Now take a wet cloth and wipe off the residue. Additionally you may use soap to ensure that you have a pot on the surface.

How Long Will I Take to Install the Fill Valve?

The time taken depends on how good your hand is at installation. Other factors that determine the time you will take to install a valve are, location of the valve and the condition of the previous one. Experience matters, and therefore a professional will presumably take less time than you.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best toilet fill valve can be quite a cumbersome task. Worry not. With the preview l have provided above, you have a guide to help you choose the best. Kindly note the following, cheap is expensive. Choose devices that have highly durable materials. Consider this, if you find it hard to install a valve model from one brand into another brand, hire the services of a professional as this may ruin the components in the struggle. Choose a model that is affordable and pocket friendly and suits your needs.

Take note of the important things we have outlined that make the best toilet fill valve.