How can I get my toilet to flush stronger in 2021

How can I get my toilet to flush stronger

How can I get my toilet to flush stronger? It’s a common question asked by various people who have experienced a weak flush in their toilet. In that situation, somebody thinks to hire a professional to sort out the problem, but from today you can find and solve the problem of a weak flushing toilet.

However, toilet flush is entirely an automated system. It doesn’t require any break or vandalism to make any problem. All you know is there must be something wrong with the toilet, but you would never trace down the problem just doing a simple check. Well, it is not a discourage anyway and possible to find out the reason behind weak flush. Let’s get going.


Reasons Behind Demanding a Powerful Flush

Toilet flushes slowly and incompletely can cause some inconvenient situations. Anyone may think the weak toilet flash as a light problem. But believe, the weak flush will trouble you in the long run. It will continue to go from bad to worse. Come on; let’s talk about some of the reasons.

Better Dispose of Human Waste

For having quick and complete dispose of the human waste powerful flush toilet is a must. In a small toilet bowl, a stronger flush may not seem intolerable. However, a powerful flush is always the best option for a larger bowl.

To Reduce Higher Maintenance Cost

Weak flush will allow you to get things filthy in the bowl. Correspondingly, you’ll have to increase your number of cleaning period for the toilet bowl, and there it needs more cleaning ingredients. If the flush appears much weaker, it may have to use a drop-in tablet to dissolve the waste. These things are extra cost.

Needs Strong Press on the Tip

Everyone take this reason lightly, but it is completely proven. In a weaker flush toilet, waste won’t simply dispose of a one-second press on the tip. You may take it sportingly and no problem to press the flush second time. But I can bet, this wouldn’t be a pleasant involvement for a guest.

Keeps People Waiting

This thing happens in a hostel or apartment where students live. Multiple persons share the same washroom. If the flush is weak, no other options are left but standing in the washroom and waiting for the re-filing sound to finish and then do the flush again. It takes time and keeps people waiting.

Avoiding Blockage Issue

The toilet is having a weak flush alert us about facing severe problems shortly. The blockage issue is the most common one.  If somehow toilet papers or waste the drainage path, then a weak flush can’t do anything. Then there’s no way but hiring a professional plumber.

Methods of Getting Strong Toilet Flush

There have multiple ways to convert low flow toilets to high flow. The malfunction of a toilet doesn’t need professional experience to complete any modification. However, the methods we’ll show here are entirely workable on a gravity-feed toilet. Let’s check out the plans.

Unclogged the Waste Pipe

A clogged pipe or a partially clogged pipe is the culprit of having a weak flush. If the waste pipe is completely blocked, you’ll get it the right way. A Partially clogged pipe let a tiny amount of water get passed. Thus, the bowl of water has nowhere to go. If you see any weak, slow drain and faint flush, that’s maybe because of the partially clogged waste pipe.

Solution: Using a Plunger

The best way to get rid of the wholly clogged and partially clogged waste pipe. Plunger gives water a back-and-forth motion to break up the debris wall, causing the slow drain. A flange extension plunged might be a suitable option for unclogging.

Solution: Plumber’s Snake

In case the plunger method doesn’t seem up to the mark, there’s the plumber’s snake method. This toilet snake is specially structured to break the stubborn obstacles in a waste pipe. The long snake-like cable is doughty enough to go deep down the waste pipe.

 Low Water Lever in the Tank

The low water level in the tank means less power in the flush. Also, a low water level raises the chances of clogging in the waste pipe. You’ll see an ideal level of water that has been marked in the tank. if the water level lies lower than the ideal level, it might be the cause of a weak flush.

Solution:  Settling the Height of the Float

Toilet doesn’t flush with force if there’s an issue with the float height. The water height in the toilet bowl ultimately depends on the height of the float in the tank. That’s why there is no other way but settling the float.

Typically, float stays on the top of the fill valve. When you flush the toilet, the flapper goes up, and water goes down to the bowl. At the same time, float drop by reason of fill valve opens and allows new water in the tank.

That’s why it is important to settle the float height. You can do it by twisting the adjusting screw with a screwdriver. Settle the float height higher hence you’ll get powerful water flush.

Decontaminate the Feed Hole and Rim

You have already known the importance of an unclogged waste disposing pipe. Here is another method by which we can easily clean the feed hole, jet hole, and get a strong flush.

  • Shut off the external water supply of the tank.
  • Take out the flapper and let all the water flow down in the bowl.
  • Now get a toilet bowl cleaner like Clorox or Lime-A-Way and pour 1-2 cups of the cleaner into the flush valve opening beneath the flapper.
  • Keep the toilet unused for several hours or overnight if possible. The cleaning solution will dissolve the liquid stubborn obstacles both in the feed hole and jet hole.
  • Now use a plunger back and forth motion into the feed hole and scrape away any barrier.
  • Again, turn on the external water supply and wait for the tank to refill. Then flush several times to clean the solution and deposits entirely.

Note: Pour the cleaner carefully. Try not to spill over. If it spills, wipe it out as soon as possible.

Slackness of Chain

The flapper is the valve that allows for flowing into the bowl from the tank. When you press the tip or twist the flush’s handle, the flapper valve goes up, and water flows down. The flapper valve stays linked with the flush handle by a chain and rod. Rod pulls the chain; hence the flapper valve goes up. A slack chain allows the flapper to go down and close the water flow quickly than a shorter chain. Thus, you haven’t got a strong flush.

Solution: Reducing the Chain Length

It’s not a daunting task at all. Flapper valve chain has a clip where you can comfortably latch a different link to abridge the length. Now the flapper valve will open up quickly and stay open for a while. Hence the adequate volume of water for a strong flush will go down.

Issues of Plumbing Vent System

Do not take the issues of the venting system lightly. Thought its not that understandable other than a professional plumber. Most of us think plumbing vent is just to pass the gas and odors. However, a plumbing vent does more than that. The system supervises the air pressure system, and the air pressure system controls the flush power obliquely. If your toilet has a weak flush and hears any gurgling sound during the flash, it indicates the plumbing vent system’s issues.

Solution: Hiring a Plumber

That’s a job you can’t ever do correctly without having a professional. It is a complicated system. The plumber will scrutinize the vent pipe at the roof and will use specialized tools to locate the obstacles and break it up.

Advantages of Having a Powerful Toilet Flush

Obviously, there have benefits of having a strong toilet flush. A powerful flush disposes of human waste efficiently and quickly. Another great thing about the toilet flush pressure too high is, it will clean up all the feed hole and rims hole if they get clogged lightly. Furthermore, a strong flush has more some advantages from the medical point of view. Such as-

  • Reduce the possibility of Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs).
  • Diminish the chance of viral transmission.
  • Improve the air quality of the bathroom.
  • Keep us safe from stomach bugs.

 Additional Tips

  • Do not try to do things you don’t know inside the tank. Otherwise, you’ll end up messing up your toilet.
  • You can make additional adjustments to the float for reducing or increasing the water level in the bowl. But if you find the tank’s water level is way above or lower than the ideal level, then this is none of your business, and you have to hire a plumber to fix it.
  • Frequently cleaning is the best option to keep intake your brand-new toilet flush.

FAQ About How can I get my toilet to flush stronger

Why do I am getting a weak flush?

We are not unheard-of this problem. It happen almost everyone’s toilet. Calcium, along with human waste debris, clogs the pipe partially over time. Hence, water flow during a flush gets blocked partially. This is the main reason behind a weak flush.

Which one is better between 1.6 GPF and 1.28 GPF toilets?

1.6 GPF works excellent. It is efficient to clear human waste in a single flush. On the contrary, you may need to flush more than one in 1.28 GPF. So, it is understandable that 1.28 GPF is smaller than 1.6 GPF. Also, 1.28 Gallon Per Flush offers a quieter operation than 1.6. However, from popularity, 1.28 is getting the ball in its court.

What should I know before purchasing a toilet?

Don’t think the color of a toilet is nothing an issue. Sometimes it turns into an issue. So, choose the best one your family and near one will love. Bowl shape and flushing technology are something to observe. Gravity-feed toilets are popular around the world. But if you want premium quality flush, then it is better to go for Pressure-assisted toilets.

 Final Words

So, I guess you are here for the only reason your toilet is not flushing correctly. It might have been tough for the first time. The more we get familiar with the flushing process, the more we will apprehend how can I get my toilet to flush stronger. Follow the process you have learned here. You’ll get rid of the problem soon.