Best trash compactor in 2022

Best trash compactor

Are you looking for the best trash compactor to keep the home and office environments clean? Don’t know who makes the best trash compactor? Relax! We have some top recommendations for you.

A trash compactor is such a time-saving gadget that makes life easier. Besides, it prevents the trash from producing smell and keeps the home healthy and clean. With heavy metal, stylish shape, ease of use opportunity, and large capacity trash compactor, it makes cleaning work even better and easier.

However, choosing such a popular appliance can bring headaches within seconds while huge option out there. That’s why our experts make a shortlist after hours of research and dozens of product reviews. So, let’s have a look and choose the most preferred trash can in the shortest way!


Best trash compactor Comparison table


Best for longevity- simplehuman Rectangular Trash Compactor

  • Special Feature: With ten years warranty, eco-friendly dual compartment, sturdy stainless-steel design, this trash compactor promises years of quality service
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Best overall- iTouchless Sensor Trash Can

  • Special Feature: Affordable price, motion sensor design, round and large capacity design, this trash can be the overall best buy.
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Best for budget- mDesign Slim Profile Metal Step Trash Compactor

  • Special Feature: This trash can is available at a relatively low cost while it is functional and made of stainless steel and compact design
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Best for kitchen- Household Essentials Trash Krusher

  • Special Feature: With considerable capacity, stainless steel material, and Rectangular, it will be an ideal option for any kitchen
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Best for heavy usage- HEMBOR Dual Trash Compactor

  • Special Feature: This trash compactor features two removable inner barrels, brushed stainless steel, a user-friendly design, and ABS hydraulic slowdown, making it appropriate for both home and office use.
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Best for convenient features-HEMBOR 13.2 Gallon trash can

  • Special Feature: Larger capacity, long-lasting, silent closing lid, both sided handle system.
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Best for durability- simplehuman 38 Liter trash can

  • Special Feature: Patented lid, Shox technology, stable pedals, easy opening lid
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Best for advanced technology-13 Gallon/50 Liter Garbage

  • Special Feature: Multipurpose using benefits, maximum hygienic, sound free compression
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Best for larger size-hOmeLabs Automatic trash compactor

  • Special Feature: Larger capacity, split door system, multiple side activation
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Best for dual compartment-simplehuman Dual Compartment

  • Special Feature: Unique design, special for kitchen use, infrared technology
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Best trash compactor reviews

A trash compactor is a must-needed home appliance to keep the home and office clean and healthy. But they come in different designs and sizes and designs with different features. To prevent your overwhelming experience, we will review some best trash compactor that comes in a great combination of cost, construction, quality, and co-efficiency.

simplehuman Rectangular Trash Compactor

Introducing the best trashy compactor, eco friends, and features a dual compartment with heavy construction. It will make the recycling process easier while you will have o0ne compartment for trash and others for easy disposal of recyclables. With Patented lid Shox technology, this trash compactor doesn’t produce banging and loud noise.

This trash compactor is designed with a strong, wide steel pedal with Stainless steel liner rim. So, the product will withstand harsh conditions and offer years of quality service while available at an affordable price.

The dimension of this trash compactor is 22 “L x 14.2 “W x 25.8 “H with the lid closed and enlarges 6.4” while opening the lid.


  • Design with sturdy wide steel pedal that can be last up to 150,000 steps
  • With code H custom fit liners, it will offer a batter fit without slipping or bouncing
  • It’s an EPA registered industrial trash compactor that has proven the ability to inhibit the growth of mildew, bacteria, and fungi

What customers are saying?

Many customers share their positive experiences after using this trash compactor, including functional, quiet, ease of use.

On the other hand, some find it not so durable and long-lasting even after ten years warranty

iTouchless Sensor Trash Can 

Are you looking for advanced quality and larger capacity trash compactor? Then this iTouchless Automatic Garbage Bin will be the right option for you. With sensor-operated lid technology, this trash compactor will serve you without toughing.

Simultaneously, this trash can is designed with a 23 Gallon capacity, making it most appropriate for high-traffic shops, lobbies, or busy households. An attractive feature includes four caster wheels so the user can move the larger can more easily.

With 17.5″ L x 19.25″ W x 32.6″ H dimension, this is made of metal and design in a round shape.


  • It comes with Natural Carbon Odor Filter that absorbs and neutralize trash odors and produce a clean smell
  • With Fingerprint-proof and smudge-resistant stainless steel, this trash can will bring stylish in the kitchen or office
  • This commercial trash compactor is designed with Air Vents in the base that creates airflow to prevent a vacuum and allow removing the bag quickly

What customers are saying:

Most of the customers like its unique technology and share their satisfying experience. Besides, they mark it great looking, awesome trash container, and ease of use item.

However, some users experience it stops working after some months.

mDesign Slim Profile Metal Step Trash Compactor

If you have not high budget and looking for something in a compact design, look no further than this mDesign trash compactor. It will be most suitable for the bathroom and bedroom. However, its 1.3-gallon capacity can still make a decent job to clean the kitchen room and office.

Simultaneously, its rectangular shape makes the trash can ideal for inside cabinets, under sinks, and other small spaces. Its durable plastic liner bucket allows it to lift out easily, and its handy carrying handle makes it easy to carry.

The dimension of this trash can is 5 “L x 8 “W x 11 “H, and it is lightweight to carry.


  • With a slim profile and modern look, this trash compactor will fit lots of place throughout the home and office
  • Design with stainless steel and a shatter-resistant plastic bucket to ensure durability and longevity
  • Come with a step design to allow hands-free operation

What customers are saying:

Lots of customers find it ideal for tight places and love its compact and functional design. Conversely, using this trash can some users to experience noise.

Besides, they aren’t happy with poor customer service while some receive damaged product

Household Essentials Trash Krusher

This Household Essentials TK10XL-1 Trash Krusher will be an ideal option for the kitchen at a relatively low cost. With the large capacity, it allows storing larger gallon bags without easting any space.

Most importantly, this manual trash compactor helps crushes down the trash can so the trash bag can hold 2x as much garbage! With a thicker gauge stainless steel body, free open and soft close lift step pedal, and fingerprint-resistant finish, this trash compactor will help clean the environment clean and enjoy a healthy life.

With 17.5 L x 25.5 H x 14.6 W dimensions, this trash compactor can hold 13-gallon plastic trash bag liners.


  • Construct with a removable plastic liner to allow quickly and easily clean the compactor
  • It includes a large rim that prevents trash from pushing above the lip of the compactor and ensures a clean arm and hand
  • Made of 50 L black stainless steel to ensure the longer service life

What customers are saying:

With pleasant and odorless service, it feels like many customers many saving options.

However, some users aren’t happy with its magnets and reported the pedal as poor construction.

HEMBOR Dual Trash Compactor

Looking for a stylish trash compactor that will fit both home and office use and come with a large can? Try this HEMBOR Dual Trash Can. With large capacity, it includes two removable inner barrels where each can hold 16-gallon trash.

At the same time, the inner buckets come with a metal handle to allow them to lift easily even after overflow. This trash compactor is designed with 410 brushed stainless steel that makes it heavy and appropriate to clean easily.

The dimension of this trash compactor is 23.03″ L x 12.6″ W x 25.59″ H, and its inner bucket comes from Polypropylene.


  • It comes with an ABS hydraulic slowdown design that is automatically lowered after releasing the pedal
  • This automatic trash compactor includes a side handle that makes it convenient to use
  • Its durable stainless-steel pedals allow to step on easily, even for kids

What customers are saying:

Most of the users love its fascinating design and the way it helps clean the environment. Besides, some users find it helpful for large capacit5y and sturdy design. Conversely, some users reported against its lid since they feel it hard to close.

HEMBOR 13.2 Gallon trash can

HEMBOR is ideal trash for medium to a large amount of garbage. It is popular with highly convenient features. The larger size makes it standard for bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and office use, among all features. And when we look for construction, it is of durable stainless steel.

The most popular glazing technology is using in this garbage bin. That is why is it can retain brightness for a long time. And the rectangular shape always keeps your room elegant and beautiful. Hence, it has an inner bucket of plastic material. And there have both-sided handle systems for easy access and cleaning.

In length, width and height, the HEMBOR dimension is 16.1″ x10.5″ x23.1″. The total capacity is 13. 2 gallons or 50 litter. Also, the outer bin material is 410 stainless steel. Likewise, the bucket material is Polypropylene.


  • Glazing technology and 410 sturdy steel construction ensure long-lasting service.
  • The rectangular shape and bright appearance can increase the home’s beauty and elegance.
  • It has come with an anti-fingerprint feature and easier to clean inside the bin.
  • A larger garbage holding capacity is suitable for both home and office use.
  • Easy access and cleaning due to having the round hole

What customers are saying:

The easy released and soft closing lid is so much loveable to the customers. Also, they said about convenient pedals. Most importantly, the HEMBOR brand is awesome in their 24 hours customer service for their customers’ problems.

A very few customers have complained about the thick construction and facing damage problem with scratching.

simplehuman 38 Liter trash can

When you have a medium-size family and need smaller trash, then the simplehuman trash comes first as it comes with notable durability as it is easier to use. It has a patented lid, Shox technology, and durable pedals. If you want to make your daily task easier with compacted shape trash, it would be better.

This trash can is made of brushed stainless steel, and it is mainly coming for kitchen use. But the inside bucket is Polypropylene. This rectangular shape trash box with a step on the opening mechanism is awesome. The overall dimension of the simplehuman trash can is 12.5 x 15.8 x 25.7, and it’s weighed of 6.6 kilograms.


  • The custom-fit liner system ensures easy cleaning and enhances your experience with a trash bag.
  • Durable steel pedals allow up to a maximum of 150,000 steps and more than 20 steps per day.
  • The lid closing and opening are very silent and quiet that saves from the hassle.
  • Perfect fit internal hinges allow a user to bring the lid to the right side without any scratch.
  • The special mechanism to keep the lid open for a long time

What customers are saying:

Current customers have expressed their good feelings for this trash can durability and ten years of longer warranty service. Moreover, it is a fingerprint preventing steel lid trash.

It has not any color choosing options except the brushed still.

13 Gallon/50 Liter Garbage Automatic Kitchen Trash 

Do you love to rely on the most advanced technology, even for your trash can too? Then we want to introduce you to Automatic kitchen trash that comes with an average of 13 gallons. It is providing great service for multipurpose use like kitchen, bath or bedroom.

It is a square shape can that has come with a 13.2-gallon garbage holding capacity. This trash provides maximum hygienic. An automatic open and closing lid reduces half the pain of a traditional trash can. It has a sensor system to open and close so you can enjoy the hygienic environment and sound-free garbage throwing.

The automatic kitchen trash can is measured at 11.37 x 16.1 x 25.31 inches, and the weight is 9.9 pounds. And the capacity is larger to keep huge garbage together.

Highlighted Features:

  • Advanced non-touch sensor system to open and close the lid silently
  • Incredibly modern design that enriches the internal beauty of a home
  • Ultra-large capacity to hold huge garbage and adjustable with a trash bag
  • The infrared technology provides an odor-free hygienic environment

What customers are saying:

Customers are enjoying the multifunctional using benefits from this trash. So, they can use it a bedroom, drawing room and office room too.

The sensor system may have a sudden problem. Then it can be difficult to open. A few customers have complained about it.

 hOmeLabs 21 Gallon Automatic Trash Can

Are you seeking the largest size trash can for home or office use? Then you can analyze a bit on the hOmeLabs automatic trash can. It comes with a maximum capacity of 21-gallon garbage. This silver color can of stainless-steel material is great to look at any home. At the same time, the brushed finish enhances the brightness of the outer surface.

Hence, this trash can provide easy clearance for the lower countertop because it has a split door system. Likewise, there has a nice infrared sensor system with a 90-degree swivel for multiple side activations. The measurement of hOmeLab trash is 16.2 x 10.3 x 33.5 inches, and the color is brushed silver.

Highlighted Features:

  • Automatic trash can with infrared technology ensure proper hygiene
  • A stylish design suited with modern kitchen and steel material ensures easy cleaning
  • The slim and compacted shape can save room space and looks better
  • The split door system is best for perfect clearance from under low countertops

What customers are saying:

The extra-large capacity of 21 gallons seems best to the current user. Simultaneously, a motion sensor system and durable and bright stainless-steel material are good factors for the customers.

His trash can is heavier compare to the size. That is why the existing customers face problems moving it easily.

simplehuman Dual Compartment Under Counter compactor

It is an amazing trash can of a simplehuman brand. If you are fond of unique accessories in your kitchen, then it is a great under-counter can with two individual compartments for garbage and recycling things. The separate box is eco-friendly that keeps clear the kitchen environment.

The solid engineered steel is the main construction material can stand out in the tough situation. Then it is fully gliding out of the cabinet so that someone can easily access it. Due to 70 % pre-assembled, it is easier to install.

It is measured with a 10 x 18.3 x 19.6 inches dimension. Good to know that the two individual boxes are of two-color, black and blue. And the total capacity is 32 liters or 9 gallons.

Highlighted Features:

  • The motion detection system is far away from 6 inches when opening and closing, protect the hands from germs and bacteria.
  • A split door system great for under countertops ensures with infrared technology of 90 degrees swivel.
  • The lid comes with advanced features like a jack, battery, and switch that makes the opening task easier.

What customers are saying:

Customers rely on this because they think it credible. After all, it comes with five years warranty. Not only that, the easy install, access, and cleaning impressed the existing customers. Also, they believe in its durability and appearance.

Some customers said that Lead opening and closing could often cause jams.

Most considering things When Choosing the Best Trash Compactor

Here are the most considering things to buy a trash compactor. These will help you to get great experience with garbage and recycling things.

Manual vs. Automatic which can be best?

The trash compactor usually comes with two mechanisms, manual and automatic. The manual trash compactor needs compression force by the user because it doesn’t come with motor power. Do note that manual can is less powerful than automatic. On the other hand, automatic trash compactor works by electric power because they have a powerful motor.

Size and Capacity:

Most of the trash compactor comes in a standard size as per the kitchen cabinet size. Generally, the width would be 12 to 15 inches and the height 34 to 35 inches. Similarly, the capacity of a trash compactor depends on the can types. For example, the automatic can comes with 1.4 to 1.7 cubic feet capacity. And the manual can come with 5 to 15 gallons capacity.

Compression Force:

Automatic trash is designed with a motor of ⅓-, ½-, or ¾-horsepower that can easily create huge compression force. Simply put, the Trash Can that is available in the market comes with a compression force of 200,000 to 5,000.

Controls and Sensors:

The automatic trash compactor has a control panel so the user can operate the can correctly. Although the maximum trash compactor comes with a simple function, there has been added bag retainer function to be displaced.

Opening System:

You can’t open the lid with your hands while your hand is fulfilled with garbage. That is why some companies produced hand-free lid opening and closing trash compactors. So, you can pick up such kind of trash compactor.



Who makes the best trash compactor?

So below are the names of the most trusted brands that have made quality trash compactors.

  • Simplehuman
  • ITouchless
  • MDesign
  • Household Essentials
  • hOmeLabs
  • Is it f use regular trash bags in a trash compactor?

It is too difficult to use a regular trash bag in a trash compactor. Most of the regular trash bag is not suitable to bear the huge compression of a trash compactor.

How much does it cost to install a trash compactor?

The average cost of installing a trash compactor is $1,385.18 per compactor. However, there has an average range between $868.00 to $1,902.36.If you calculate the labor and material cost together, it would be $1,567.39 between $1,009.26 to $2,125.52.

Can I put furniture in a trash compactor?

It is not recommended to put wooden furniture into a trash compactor. Keep in mind that the compactor can’t flatten the wooden things. If you put wooden furniture, your trash compactor would get jammed.

Final words:

At the endpoint, we would say to choose a trash compactor that completely goes with your demand. In this recent era, the automatic compactor is the most using trash compactor. We have enlisted the top ten best trash compactors. You can check out those, or you can analyze more on trash compactor and take a decision.

Although there have ten products on our favorite list, we have two individual choices from those. These two are simplehuman Rectangular Trash Compactor and a HEMBOR 13.2 Gallon trash can. If you have not enough time to research, then you can rely on these two.